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Quico is a customizeble module based Product Compliance & Sustainability Management software for textile and chemical industry.

Quico comprises of eight base modules:

Product sertifications

Create certificates
Upload certificates
CPSC safety regulations

Supllier management

Overviews (social compliance, categories, audits)
Searchable supplier lists
Compliance certificate lists

Supplier Evaluation

General listings
Performance comparisons

Carbon accounting

Carbon emission accounting for products, logistics and assets. 

Material information

General overview of materials:
Technical description
Test results  (supplier, R&D, bulk, 3rd party)

Material sourcing

Design requirements
Technical specifications & requirements
R&D test requirements

Product test

Test result database
Create & save test reports

Quality issues & claims

Claim handling
Add and save claims
Upload images for reference
Action reporting / follow-up


Kemify is a modular chemical management software.

Kemify consist of following modules

  • Chemical register to manage and store process recipes with ease.
  • Manage & find technical information easier & faster.
  • Inventory Management to manage and handle your inventory better.
  • Hazardous chemical management to manage hazardous data for safer operations.