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Luxilon industries NV
Antwerpen, Belgium

Thermolux range – A range of thermal bonding yarns based on different low melting polymers like co-polyamide, co-polyester and co-polyolefin. The melting temperatures vary from 65°C up to 170°C. Yarns are available from 50 den up to 0.5mm. Due to different viscosity in our polymer choice we can offer yarns with more or less flow during melting. Melting of Thermolux can be done with hot air ovens, IR, induction, etc. It is always advised to melt 10 -20°C higher than the theoretic melting point. Thermolux is applied to bond fabrics, layers or yarns together, to stabilize textile structures, to increase wear resistance, etc. Technologies used to transform Thermolux are braiding, weaving, knitting and twisting.

Scourlux range – Scourlux is a separation yarn for the knitting industry.

Rods range – Rods are thicker monofilaments used in several industrial applications. The diameter range varies from 0.8mm up to 5mm. On demand we can go up to 10mm. Rods can be produced in different polymer types and colors. Luxilon has specialized in rods in HDPE, MDPE, LDPE and PA. Other polymers on request. A precise diameter, good mechanical properties and stability are key elements for our rods production.

Medical range – Luxilon Medical supplies specialty yarns for multiple types of medical devices. The medical yarns are divided in 5 categories depending on product type and application:
Sterilux: monofilament yarns for surgical sutures
Sterimed: monofilament yarns for textile based implants, like e.g. surgical mesh for hernia repair.
Multimed: multifilament yarns for a wide range of textile based implants, like e.g. cardio-vascular prosthesis, braided sutures, etc.
Biomed: a range of yarns made from biodegradable polymers like PLLA, PCL, PCLA,…
ThermoformLXN: thermoformable yarn for orthesis in cooperation with Orfit Industries NV
Luxicool: cooling yarn for sport and medical applications (bandages, burns, ….)
Radio-opaque yarns: make your yarn visible under RX
Radiation resistant PP: a PP yarn more resistant to radiation